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To view or download any file at this site you must first download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

To download the Acrobat Reader software:

Click the link below.

Once at the Acrobat Reader download site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and complete the three (3) steps. When you click on the "download" button in step 3 you should come to a list of files. Select the appropriate file for your system (i.e. Acrobat Reader 3.02 Windows 32 bit) and click on the underlined file name.

A dialog box will appear with two (2) choices. Make sure that "Run this program from its current location" is selected, then click "OK".

Follow the instructions to install and setup the program.

Once the program has been successfully installed, you're ready to view, save or print any downloadable file from this site.

To view, save or print a document from this site:

Click on the name of the file of interest.

If installed correctly, the Acrobat Reader software will open the file you've selected. The file may then be read on screen if desired. (If Acrobat Reader does not open at this point please repeat the "To download the Acrobat Reader software" instructions listed above.)

To print a document, click on the Acrobat Reader's print icon (this icon is the printer icon on the extreme left of the screen immediately above the text). You may also select File then Print from the menu to print a document. Do no use the print icon from your browser as this does not always result in a true depiction of a document.

To save a document to disk, select File then Save as from the menu. Select the directory you wish to save in and click "OK".

Once saved, you may review, print or forward the document as desired. Simply double-click on the document from within explorer (apologies to Apple users) or your desktop (depending on where you saved it) and Acrobat Reader will open the document. You may also open Acrobat Reader first, then use the File/Open command (or Open File icon) from the menu to open the document as you would from within any program.

General Download Information
Many factors play a role in the time it takes to download files from an Internet site. Consider these factors when downloading materials.

- Connected speed may be less than your modem indicates. For instance, many 33.6 modems connect at 26.4 because of line noise and other factors.

- If you are doing other things, such as checking your E-mail or browsing the Internet, files will take longer to download.

-With compression from either modem software or hardware, downloading will take less time, especially when it comes to text files or non-compressed files.

Some of the download files are saved in a Zip archive format, so whether you have a PC or Macintosh, you will be able to use them. However, in order to use the files, you will need to decompress them with the decompression software you have. If you do not have decompression software installed, you can download it.

PC users will need to download WinZip from
Mac users can download StuffIt Expander from

If you have further questions or problems please contact the City of Irvine Community Development Department for assistance.

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