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The City of Irvine has developed this site in an effort to enhance the public participation process for the planning of the City's Northern Sphere Area. Through the use of the Internet, the citizens of Irvine and other interested parties can follow and participate in the development process as never before.

The City of Irvine will use this site as an additional means to present the project through it's development.

A Supplemental Draft EIR has been prepared to analyze impacts associated with the potential demolition of the IVG Packing House located within the Jeffrey Open Space Spine.  In accordance with Section 15163(b) of the CEQA Guidelines, the Supplemental EIR will only contain information necessary to supplement the previous EIR in order to evaluate the project as revised.  No other changes to the project, as analyzed in the previously certified EIR, are proposed.  The proposed demolition is being considered as part of the proposed Jeffrey Open Space Spine project, a passive open space corridor proposed along the eastern side of Jeffrey Road between the
Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway to the Natural Communities Conservation Plan (NCCP) area north of Portola ParkwayThe public review and comment period for the SDEIR will end on March 31, 2003.

The Supplemental Draft EIR for the Northern Sphere Area is available for download in its entirety or by individual section by clicking on one of the links below. 

To view or download the reports and notices contained in this site, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Click the "Get Acrobat Reader" logo to obtain a free copy of the software. After the one-time download, you will be able to view and print any of the PDF documents.

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Document Size Description
Fact Sheet - Public Workshop 3-22-2001 3.2 MB 1 page PDF
Staff Reports
Public Hearing - City Council  6-04-02 84 KB 19 page PDF
Findings of Fact / Statement of Overriding Considerations 576 KB 125 page PDF
Resolution to certify EIR 8 KB 3 page PDF
Resolution to approve General Plan Amendment 24 KB 8 page PDF
Resolution to approve Zone Change 20 KB 5 page PDF
Environmental Documents
Initial Study 5-2-2001 22 KB 24 page PDF
Initial Study - Appendix A 5-2-2001 81 KB 8 page PDF

Draft Environmental Impact Report 12-14-2001

Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Report 2-2003

Spine Workshops - Workbook Graphics 9-10-2001 10 MB 14 page PDF
Spine Workshops - Commission Presentation 9-10-2001  --- HTML / PPT
EIR Scoping meeting 5-10-2001 46 KB 37 page PDF